News 2018

We are pleased to announce our new 2018: The ASTUS 20.5

The design will be presented for the first time to Düsseldorf at the Boot at the beginning of the year 2018.

It will be marketable as early as january 2018 for a boat ready to sail up to 24 700€ inc. VAT (with sails).


In partnership with VPLP naval architects, we have continued to improve our range. While remaining true to the original ASTUSBOATS idea, the introduction of more modern, streamlined designs has enabled us to offer our customers simple and efficient boats.
Born of a second collaboration with the VPLP Design Agency, the Astus 20.5, is set to appear on wish lists throughout the sailing community.

From now on, the shipyard will be offering  a (pivoting) centreboard, indispensable for pebble hopping and beach landings. Good news for connaisseurs. 

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