Astus 14.5

Astus 14.5
En version trimaran ou prao, pirogue à balancier

Astus 14.5

The small prao or transportable trimaran

Imagined and developed during the confinement, the Astus team is pleased to unveil the latest addition to the range: the Astus 14.5, a navigation support in a canoe or trimaran version, light and easily transportable. Objective: offer a more compact boat and regain gliding sensations, the simple pleasure of being on water.

Story of a new-found freedom :


A few months ago, France is idling, the Astus shipyard, like the others, too. The pace, less sustained, allows time to have ideas, imagine and develop. As in all shipyards, there is no lack of equipment, old versions of Astus, bits, fittings ... With the existing means, the team takes on a challenge, to create a small boat, to find the simple pleasure of being on the water.

Back to basics

With a hull from Astus 16.5 and a float from Astus 14, two old models of the range, a pendulum pirogue is born, a return to the original sailing boat, transportable on the roof of the car. No trailer, no engine, no constraints

First sailing session

After several weeks of creation, the prototype was launched in a base near the construction site. From the very first tacks, the team members rediscovered the simple pleasure of being on the water and the feeling of gliding. The prototype is far from being finished, but the team is convinced and the project is validated.


VPLP develops the first 3D renderings. The Astus 14.5 will be proposed in a trao version or in trimaran version. Apart from the tubes, both versions will be developed from the same elements: hulls, trampolines, sails... The team is currently finishing the specifications. The Astus 14.5 will be compact for winter storage and light, with a hull of less than 25 kg. Solo or with a child, the Astus 14.5 is a multi-activity platform: sliding, fishing, canoeing, rowing. The pleasure of sailing, in complete freedom!


ASTUS 14.5

Technical specifications


  • Assembly in less than 5 minutes
  • Prao version and possibility of a trimaran (with 2 floats)
  • CE approval: category D
  • Architect: VPLP Design
  • Design: Jean-Hubert Pommois
  • Draft : 0.15 m / 0.7 m (low drift)
  • Payload 130kg: 1 adult + 1 child

Dimensions and weight

  • Central hull: 4.35m long, 58 cm wide
  • Float length: 2.8 m
  • Width prao version (1 float): 1.5 m
  • Width trimaran version : 2.4 m
  • Center shell weight: 25 kg
  • Weight of one float: 7 kg, volume 80 litres


  • 2 parts 4.7m mast
  • Main sail : 5m².
  • Genoa 5m².


  • Pivoting Rudder, Sabre daggerboard.
  • Storage box at the bow for safety equipment, anchor, picnic, fishing equipment, snorkel mask.