Astus 22.5

Astus 22.5


After major successes of the Astus 16.5 and the Astus 20.5, we continue to expand our range, signed by VPLP Design with the launch at the end of the year 2020, a new model, the Astus 22.5, which will replace the Astus 22.1

True to the successful concept of Astus trimarans, the Astus 22.5 is transportable like others Astus. Modern and fast, with a length of 6.90 m, a width of 4.90 m and 4 beds possibility, it will be ideal for family outings.

It retains all the features which made the success of our trimarans :

- Easy to rig and handle

- Transportable on the specially adapted trailer

- Retractable floats offer limitless travel opportunities.

- Economical, maintenance is minimal and garage storage a real possibility

- Nomadic, movement between stretches of water has never been simpler

- Personalizable, with multiple options to suit every sailing style

- Stable, with 1150 litre floats

- Streamlined hull which enables the boat to glide through water and increases speed

- Tulipped hull for effective spray deflection.

- High-performance with modern, sporty lines

This new model has been presented at Paris for the Nautic in 2021

Two versions of the Astus 20.5 are available, each adapted to your style of navigation :

  • A leisure model for gentle,family sailing
  • A sports version to satisfy regatters (vaccum system central hull)


Nominations and awards

The Astus 22.5 is nominated for the election of the European Yacht of the Year2023 

How to sail a trimaran

Improvement : new rudder bar

Folding and unfolding floats

Test by Voile magazine

Astus 22.5

Test by Multicoques Mag

Technical characteristics

  • Length of central hull: 6.95 m
  • Overall length 8.30 m
  • Width unfolded: 4.90 m
  • Width folded: 2.49 m
  • Length of the mast: 9 m
  • Draught: 1.40 m-0.34 m
  • Weight: 650 kg
  • Height under beam: 1.65 m
  • Hull by vaccum infusion.

Sails area

  • Main sail: 21 sqm
  • Jib: 9 sqm
  • Gennaker: 26 sqm
  • Spi: 43 sqm

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Astus 22.5