ASTUS 26.5


The ASTUS concept, with its ease of use and its ability to move easily between different types of water, meets a real demand from yachtsmen for boats that are nomadic and high-performance.

That's why, as part of our drive to offer high-performance, user-friendly products, we're introducing a new model for the 2025 season, the ASTUS 26.5. It completes our range and offers greater comfort for coastal cruising.

After the successful renewal of the Astus range, with the contribution of the VPLP design studio, we are continuing to expand our range. With its modern, sporty lines, while remaining faithful to the concept of the ASTUSBOATS range, the ASTUS 26.5 will be, like its predecessors, a simple and efficient boat.

The ASTUS 26.5, the result of a 5th collaboration with VPLP design, is sure to be the envy of many.

The ASTUS 26.5 incorporates all the features that have made Astusboats such a success:

Easy to build
Transportable, with its specially adapted trailer and floats on telescopic tubes, so it can be taken anywhere without constraint
Economical to run, with minimal maintenance and easy storage at home.
Nomadic, thanks to the ease with which it can be moved to different waters
Customisable, with 'à la carte' options depending on your sailing programme: leisure, cruising, sport.
Stable and safe, with its large-volume, inverted stem floats.
All-purpose, with its centreboard pivoting on the central hull
Fast, with a planing hull that glides smoothly and improves speed
Comfortable, with a tulip-shaped hull to deflect sea spray and create more living space
High-performance, with modern, sporty lines.

This time, ASTUSBOATS is focusing on comfort. There will be a forward cabin that can be separated with its own toilet area. The saloon will be fitted out with a galley and icebox. Everything will be designed with short, comfortable cruises in mind. On the sailing side, the cockpit with coamings will provide plenty of protection, a further guarantee of safety and sailing pleasure.


a boat ready to sail for € 90,000 incl. VAT
with mainsail and jib


The prototype will be presented in the summer of 2024 and will be available on the market from September 2024.

The Astus 26.5, built using the infusion process, will be offered in three versions, depending on your sailing schedule:

A leisure version for quiet family cruising.
A cruising version, to go further afield.
A sport version to satisfy the needs of racing sailors.


Characteristics of the Astus 26.5 :

Hull length: 7.9 m
Unfolded beam: 5.8 m
Folded width: 2.99 m or 2.52 m (road gauge)
Weight: 1100kg
Sail area
Leisure version: Main: 25 sq m² / Jib: 11 sq m² / Gennaker 30 sq m²
Version Sport: Main: 28 sq m² / Jib: 13 sq m² / Gennaker: 34 sq m²
C with 5 persons,
D with 7 persons.
Maximum engine: 10 hp