The spirit of AstusBoats

The ASTUSBOATS company was created by Jean-Hubert POMMOIS in 2004. Passionate about sailing, he wanted to design a boat that would meet different criteria of practical use, namely :

- a high performance boat to have fun but also to sail alone,
- a boat easy to transport in order to enjoy different places,
- a boat that is easy to transport to different locations, with low operating and maintenance costs,
- a small cabin to house the equipment and the crew.
The concept of a transportable trimaran appeared to be the best compromise, the Astus 20.1 was born.

After having built two prototypes, the first exhibition took place in La Rochelle (France) in 2004. The Astus 20.1 aroused the interest of the exhibition public.

To meet this interest and demand, and for aesthetic and production reasons, polyester was quickly chosen to make the molds. The final version of the Astus 20.1 appeared in the summer of 2005. In the first year, 7 boats were produced by ASTUSBOATS, and then the shipyard grew to meet the demands of customers, while keeping a family and friendly spirit.

Jean-Hubert Pommois then set up a network of distributors to meet the demand abroad. Our distributors are generally above all passionate Astus users.


2005, the definitive version of the Astus 20.1 appeared in summer 2005. The first year, 7 boats left the ASTUSBOATS yard. Today, 73 boats are sailing in France and abroad.

2006, Astusboats launches a new model, the Astus 16.1 (32 sold), and thus deploys its strategy of range whose continuity will be ensured as of 2007 with the launch of the Astus 14.1 (27 sold).the appearance of this new trimaran marks an additional stage for the shipyard. 2007 sees thus leaving about thirty trimarans of the shipyard.

2008, release of the Astus 22, a mini cruiser which remains nomadic and the development of the network of distributors in France and abroad. 50 trimarans of the Astus range will be produced during this season. The model which is no longer marketed, has been sold to 37 copies.

2009, the shipyard is now organized around a team and presents the 2nd generation of the 20 feet; the Astus 20.2; model which is no longer in production and sold to 117 copies

2010, the Nautic 2010 proposes to the discovery of the Astus 18.2, the new day-boat, "little brother" of the Astus 20.2. The model which is no longer marketed, has been sold to 37 copies.

2011, only assembler until then, in a concern of better control of the production and reactivity Astusboats integrates the polyester manufacture of hulls in the company with the installation of a workshop in premises in Brech. All the production as well as the tooling are then made in-house. This also allows more flexibility and reactivity.

2012, year of transition with the release of more advanced versions of the Astus 20.2 (infusion hull, carbon mat) and the organization of the polyester workshop (production of polyester parts with contact or infusion technology).

2013, launch of the hybrid Bay dream 5.5; very simple mixed boat to serve as a leisure platform. It has been sold in 8 units.

2014, launch of the flagship of the Astus range: the Astus 24. Designed in a more cruiser spirit, this boat is nominated for the European Yacht of the year 2015 and opens international perspectives to the Astusboats shipyard. 11 units sold.

2015, reorganization of the shipyard, with realization of technical polyester subcontracting, with new website, participation of the owners for the promotion of the boats, development in the USA with a local distributor and presence at the Miami boat show.

2016, New model Astus 16.5 in collaboration with the famous architectural firm, VPLP, which brings the company into a new era with faster and more modern boats. To date, 42 units have been sold.

2018, Second boat signed VPLP, the Astus 20.5, new generation of the A20.2 sold to 120 copies. We have kept the same architects in order to guarantee a range of high performance trimarans. At the end of 2019, 29 boats have been sold.

2020: project of realization of an Astus 22.5, to complete the range, with always the collaboration of VPLP, true engine of the development of the Astus trimarans.this same year, in order to continue to develop, in spite of the health crisis, the Astus 14.5 is born. Small toy on the water, available in version prao or trimaran, for the happiness of all!

2021: Conception and realization of the last born of the range: the Astus 22.5. A real bomb on the water, resulting from the latest collaboration between Astusboats and VPLP Design, will be the only Astus on which we offer foils as options. On the water since July 2021, several orders are already in progress. A model that seems to make people happy!

Always closer to the demand, Astusboats thanks the owners and his team who allow us to continue the adventure

Today, there are more than 500 Astus trimarans sailing around the world (New Zealand, USA, Canada, Peru, Europe ......).