Astus 22

Astus 22


ASTUS 22: the real small and modern small coastal cruiser 

Easy to use, speed and stable

Having the same principles of the Astus, the model 22 is fitted out with:

  • telescopic floats which make possible a transport without any dismantling, an easy mast stepping, a use facility, 
  • a large protected cockpit, 
  • two pivoting center-boards (which allow to make the salon free) in order to quietly come alo,gside the beach without any problems and presenting a use security with close-cropped stones case.

    Having tried and tested the flared hull on Astus, the same was chosen for Astus 22. 
    This garantees outstanding performances (with a narrow floating width) and a boat which hardly wets (the concave acts as a spray deflector).

The small pluses of Astus 22:

  • Large inside volume with a double front bunk and 2 simples back ones, which allow a comfortable sleeping for 4 people.
  • A galley which allows a dish warming sailing.
  • The salon with a table for eating inside in case of bad weather. The large salon is designed for 5 persons.
  • Toilets which can be separated from the salon.
  • A nice outside area with a large cockpit of 3 m length and 1,80 m width.
  • 3,5 m length and 1,20m width trampolines for the whole family. It gives the possibility of a 2 places tent for an extra sleeping. 
  • Powerful boat with 850 litres floats and a unfolded width of 4.60 m which allow a safety posture on the sea to master the 28 m² sails.
  • This guarantees the outstanding performances.
  • Once the floats folded, Astus 22.1 meets the requirements of the road gauge.
  • Possibility of stepping up the mast alone and in a safe way (lateral mast position, winches to step up the mast)
  • A chain locker with closing which can be also used to store bowsprit. (This prevents the water from entering the cabin).
  • A big door hood to allow an easy internal/external movement. This helps the movement on board 
  • An opening deck porthole to make it possible to ventilate and for an increased light.
  • An electrical panel which the basic functions. (lighting, batteries, cigarette-lighter outlet, headlights on full beam possible).
  • Locker in the cockpit to store the material and which can be locked.
  • Vast storage place under the cockpit for the bags and the supplies.
  • Limited  weight to allow the transport without the E licence (with a medium sized vehicle)
  • Infusion manufacturing process which guarantees stiffness and lightness.

Astus 22 is simply a real small coastal cruiser: more rapid and easy to transport by road.

Technical features

Technical features:

  • Length central hull: 6.65 m
  • Overall Length: 7.95 m
  • Folded width: 2.53 m
  • Unfolded width: 4.60 m
  • Mainsail: 19 m²
  • Genoa: 9 m²
  • Mast Height: 8500 mm 
  • Draught: 325 mm (central hull)
  • Draught: 1300 mm (low drift)
  • Headroom: 9600 mm (without antenna and lights)
  • Light displacement: 655 kg 
  • Medium displacement: 1070 kg (4 crew members equipped boat) 
  • Max displacement: 1380 kg (8 crew members)
  • Motorization max: 9 HP
  • Homologation CE:
    • Category C:  5 persons
    • Category D:  7 persons 
  • Design: Jean-Hubert POMMOIS
    Architect: Stéphan VALLET

Nota: the new  European road gauge is now 2.55 m, you have then the possibility to transport your Astus 22 all over Europe


Astus 22 is sold with:

  • A 2 reefs mainsail and a dacron jib on furler
  • A mainsail traveller 
  • An Anchor storage
  • An opening  deck hatch
  • Fixed Portholes
  • a balcony   
  • 2 kitchens blocks

Price from:40 900 € TTC ( Vat included )


Principal Options available for  the ASTUS 22:

  • A 25 m² gennaker on bowsprit with emmagasinor
  • A 30 m² asymmetrical spi on bowsprit
  • Plus value mainsail and pentex jib
  • Mattress + front board bunk
  • Movable table
  • Chemical toilets
  • Storage in front tube
  • Outboard motor
  • Motor
  • Bamboo floor
  • Braked road trailer for the launching to water
  • Mast kit and transport bar
  • Anchoring kit including one 7 anchor and a 10 m chain
  • Armement safety kit less than 6 nautical miles
  • Antifouling for the central hull and the floatings
  • Pack comfoPack electricrt



Here are the last specialized press releases concerning ASTUS 22

Voile Magazine N°161, May 2009
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The Astus 22 with

Opening and launch system