ASTUS 20.5

Astus 20.5


Easy to rig, handle and transport between stretches of water, the Astus concept responds to a real demand from sailors for high-performance, nomadic boats.

In line with our desire to offer outstanding, user-friendly products we are pleased to present our new model for the 2018 season, the Astus 20.5, following on from the Astus 20.2, over 120 versions of which have been sold to date.

Since the successful launch of the Astus 16.5 2 years ago, in partnership with VPLP naval architects, we have continued to improve our range. While remaining true to the original ASTUSBOATS idea, the introduction of more modern, streamlined designs has enabled us to offer our customers simple and efficient boats.

Born of a second collaboration with the VPLP Design Agency, the Astus 20.5, is set to appear on wish lists throughout the sailing community.

It retains all the features which made the Astus 20.2 so attractive and has even more character :

- Easy to rig and handle

- Transportable on the specially adapted trailer

- Retractable floats offer limitless travel opportunities.

- Economical, maintenance is minimal and garage storage a real possibility

- Nomadic, movement between stretches of water has never been simpler

- Personalizable, with multiple options to suit every sailing style

- Stable, with 930 litre floats

- Streamlined hull which enables the boat to glide through water and increases speed

- Tulipped hull for effective spray deflection.

- High-performance with modern, sporty lines


This new model has been presented at Boot in Düsseldorf last January[

Two versions of the Astus 20.5 are available, each adapted to your style of navigation :
- A leisure model for gentle,family sailing

- A sports version to satisfy regatters (vaccum system central hull)


Nominations and awards

  • The Astus 20.5 was nominated for the European Yacht of the Year in 2018


Technical features

  • Overall lenght central hull: 5.95 m
  • Float length: 5.90 m
  • Max unfolded floats width: 4.50 m
  • Folded floats width 2.48 m (lower than the road gauge)
  • Displacement: 470 Kg with central hull in infusion
  • Float volume: 930 litres / float
  • Draught:1.25 m/0.25 m pivoting center-board and rudder
  • Sail area upwind: 21 m² / 24 m² sport version
  • Sail area downwind: 34 m² / 42 m² sport version
  • Motorization max: 4,5 kw (6 HP)
  • EC Homologation:
    • Categoy C: 5 persons 425 Kg 
    • Category D: 7 persons 550 Kg

Design: Jean-Hubert POMMOIS
Architect: VPLP Design


Astus 20.5 is sold with:

  • mainsail, one reef  with aluminium boom and a jib in dacron on furler
  • front locker that can be locked
  • 4 block mainsheet tackle 
  • gelcoat white                                     Price from : 34 800 € TTC (vat included )

ASTUS 20.5 Sport version 20.5S is sold with:


  • Mainsail (one reef) with boom  and a jib in Aramid Black technora on furler
  • shroud
  • Main sheet traveller
  • 6 block mainsheet tackle
  • telescopic Tiller extension 
  • gelcoat white
  • sports stickers 


Principal Options available on the ASTUS 20.5

  • 20 m² gennaker on bowsprit and furler
  • 26 m² gennaker on bowsprit and furler
  • Winch for the gennaker
  • 30 m² asymetrical spi and deck hardware (bowsprit)
  • price deduction for sport sails in Square cross cut instead of Aramid Black technora
  • Extra cost for sails in PX Black
  • Possible wing mast
  • Mattress + bunk plank
  • Removable cockpit table
  • Gallery block
  • chemical toilet
  • 2 opening  portholes
  • 1 opening porthole on the roof
  • swim ladder
  • stainless steel pulpit
  • mainsheet traveller
  • compas
  • motor bracket
  • Mast stepping kit
  • stainless steel  bar for mast stepping and transport
  • non braked road trailer CE- certificat PTAC 750 kg
  • braked road trailer CE - certificat PTAC 750 kg
  • spare wheel + support
  • armament safety kit
  • kit anchor 5 kg
  • antifouling

Possibilité de gréement carbone et coque centrale en infusion.


Details of the safety kit - Navigation less than 6 nautical miles - For 4 personns

  • 4 life jackets Storm 100
  • The horseshoe buoy with floating  reversal light
  • 3 hand held flares kit
  • Signal Mirror (with a visor)
  • Waterproof flashlight
  • A 10 litres rigid bucket with end
  • Set of wood pinoches (5 sizes)
  • Power portable extinguisher 1 kg ABC
  • Hand pump
  • Anchoring Kit (anchor 5kg, 10m cable, rope, shackle)
  • A pouch with 3 flags: N, C et National
  • Hand sounding lead (30 m)
  • First-aid kit (to be completed)
  • Warning Triangle (black)
  • Fog horn
  • Paddle/telescopic boathook

This listing doesn't contain the navigation compass,the sailing instructions, the tools and the material for small repairs, the paper of electronic charts(maps) concerning the navigation zone, the navigation lights for night sailing.

The recommended navigation compass, the sailing is the Plastimo Iris 100 compass.

It can be easily installed on the door and is intended to take occurate bearings.



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